Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Horizon

There are so many new opportunities that are presenting themselves to me and I am like "YES" as my heart sings for joy. I am finally starting to make things happen for me. I am particularly excited about two events that are coming up in the next few months.

My Certified Life Coach Training is taking place in March and Jonathan Budd's The Unstoppable Entrepreneur: Live Immersion Experience is happening in May. I feel so strongly about being at both of these events though, I don't exactly know how I am going to get to them due to my current problems finding assistance. However, I still have hope and I am trying to manifest ways for me to get to these seminars. I feel that the only way for me to rise above my challenges and be successful at achieving my dreams is to become truly undaunted like a superhero. 

1 comment:

  1. Good for you man! Best of luck finding someone to help you out there. Too bad I'm thousands of miles away, or I'd have definitely made an effort. (I believe in the philosophy of 'What goes around, comes around')