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"Single moments along your journey don't define you; it's the journey as a whole that speaks of your character." 

Happily Ever After
Ever since I was little, I had romanticized views on life. It was as if I caught glimpses into Plato's world of ideal forms. I thought life was this wonderful and magickal experience where the good guys always prevail. I am very idealistic to this day though as a result of all my tests and trials, my idealism is tempered by a bit more knowing. I know that one day I’ll meet my white knight, cuddle up with under setting suns revelling in our deep, integral bond. We’ll live happily ever after and help others find their own happily ever afters.
Tested, Tried and True
I have experienced many unpleasantries in my life for sure and looking back on them, I realize that each struggle I had made me stronger. The first event that I remember which tested my optimistic views came in 2003. This event was very disagreeable to say the least and it placed a huge strain on my family. A lot of issues surfaced that year regarding my family, my sexuality and spirituality. Having a diverse and multicultural family, things made my life generally pretty chill until the troubled events of 2003. I almost missed my grade 8 graduation because of all the turmoil.

Sept 2003-August 2004: I started high school the following September and I had an epic first year. I was scared as hell starting 9th grade though that eased when I met Scott who became my best friend. He was a truly positive force in my life. The end of the school year brought Scott’s death, a change of schools and more family turmoil. I became extremely depressed after all that happened.
January 2005-July 2005: I had my back surgery in 2005. I thought of McMaster hospital as a second house, because I was there for three months due to all the complications I experienced that left me very sick and weak. I had been left on intravenous meds until July and recovered well after.
Sept 2006-June 2010: Life became very stressful for me and there were many times that I wanted to give up on everything. I felt like a freak and like things just weren’t going right for me at all. My social life wasn’t great, I battled with depression and social anxiety and I was in pain all the time. Due to my immense, ever-present physical pain I missed a lot of school and as a result my marks took a turn for the worst. I went from getting 80’s and 90’s to receiving 50’s or not passing at all. I was so very afraid that I was never going to graduate from high school that I was extremely ready to give up. However, in June of 2010 I graduated; successfully completing my secondary education.

On October 29th, 2010, I went to my commencement and I was honestly disappointed with it. It got me thinking and I realized that single moments along your journey don't define you; it's the journey as a whole that speaks of your character. I also realized that now that I am done school, I can focus on helping more people achieve their dreams whilst achieving my own and attract my happily ever after.

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