What I Offer

All payments are donation based. I want my services to be accessible and affordable to all. 

Intuitive Coaching - Sessions can be done in person or online via email or Skype.  I offer two main types of coaching sessions. 1)  A basic session is for when you have a specific issue that you are seeking guidance on and only looking to see me a few times.  2) The soul’s breath coaching session is geared towards helping you connect with your true passions in life. It also entails:
·         Determining your goals, aspirations and dreams.
·         Assessing and releasing your limiting beliefs.
·         Putting together a step-by-step plan that will help you achieve your dreams.
Sessions are about an hour long and I always strive to leave my clients with a feeling of satisfaction after every session.
Reiki Healing Sessions – Reiki is an alternative energetic medicine from Japan. It is used to encourage your body to heal itself. It can reduce stress, manage pain and help your body release other physical and emotional ailments you may have.
DISCLAIMER: Reiki should not be used to replace allopathic/mainstream medicine that you may be taking without consulting with your doctor first.
If you want more information about the services I offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
P.S.: In addition to the coaching and Reiki that I do, I provide Tarot and aura readings to those who are interested.

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